Friday 17 May Festive opening Craft in Focus festival
19.30 start & word of welcome
20.30 film "Hearts and Crafts: The people that make Hermès" & lecture Albert van der Zeijden (Dutch Centre for Immaterial Cultural Heritage)

Saturday 18 May
10.00 Presentation Zaanse workshopresults "make your own crafts film"
14.00 Craft & Authenticity: "De Huisman" & lecture anthropologist Mattijs van de Port
20.00 The Craft of Cooking: "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" & lecture sociologist and photographer Douglas Harper (USA)


Sunday 19 May
11.00 Russian crafts films o.a. "Magia Russica", lecture by Russian craft expert Olga de Kort-Koulnikova
14.30 Craft & Art: "Glas", "The Successor of Kakiemon", talk with director Suzanne Raes & lecture designer Maaike Roozenburg
19.30 Craft & Music: "Talking Guitars", talk with director Claire Pijman and lecture by master guitar maker Flip Scipio.

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